Alitha Martinez

Alitha is a penciller and inker who has worked on Marvel's Iron Man and NBC's Heroes tie-ins. She is currently working on self-published work and for Archie Comics.
She started working in the comics industry in the 1990s as an assistant to Joe Quesada on Azrael & Ash and Daredevil, then as an inker’s assistant on Aquaman. She got her first headlining role as artist on Iron Man, then moved on to X-men: Black Sun, Marvel Age Fantastic Four, Black Panther and Voltron
In addition to her creator-owned work Yume and Ever, she illustrated three graphic novels for younger readers and teens for Graphic Universe: Kung Fu Masters, written by Evonne Tsang; The Quest for Dragon Mountain, written by Robin Mayhall; and My Boyfriend is a Monster #3: My Boyfriend Bites, written by Dan Jolley. Her former Iron Man editor Bobbie Chase brought her on as an artist on the Gail Simone-scripted Batgirl series in 2012. After Batgirl, she began work on New Crusaders from Archie Comics. 


Another Look Podcast

“Another Look is a bi-weekly film podcast hosted by Nick, Ben, Jordan and Ian, focusing on filmmakers, genres, movements, eras and everything in between.”

Our Facebook page is:
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"Welcome back to rock and roll!” Is not only a strong musical lyric, but also a declaration of the mission Audiobox is on. This fun and energetic band from Williamsport, Pennsylvania, wants to rock out and bring you with them to do it. Come to any of their shows and you're going to be thoroughly entertained by the music, but also by their ability to bring the crowd into the show, and keep them laughing. The band’s focus is primarily on alternative rock from the 80’s and 90’s, along with some contemporary, and very early rock hits. They also have an ever-growing list of originals born out of their rejections, broken hearts, and determination to overcome obstacles. Many times they have been told that "Your shows are not like everyone else, you try and get the crowd involved, and make it fun to be there!" And at one particular venue "This is the first time I've ever seen this many people stick around all night to watch a band"
Audiobox is currently looking to book shows in their area and your area! They really enjoy hanging out with their fans, entertaining them, and making new ones. They are also currently in the studio working on their first full length album that will focus on things like: heartache, self-discovery, and letting go of the past. It’s set to be released within the year, and is sounding very promising. Matt and Joe are also currently in an acoustic side project called "Locomotive Disaster" with Greg Sauers Jr. from the band Skinny Rinkus.
The band is made up of three members: Matt Colegrove on lead vocals and guitar, Joe Reichenbach on backup vocals and bass guitar, and Jason Maurer on the drums. Their influences as a band come heavily from many different groups, for example: Nirvana, Alice in Chains, U2, Michael Jackson, Guns & Roses, and Poison to name a few. 
Their aim as a band is to entertain the people, and have fun while doing it. Not to mention they're always learning new songs, so don’t be afraid to tell them what you want to hear. They enjoy getting the crowd involved by joking with them. They've also been known to even pull people up on stage and make them sing with the group! (And trust me, they do it!) But all in all, they're here to have fun, entertain, and most importantly rock out! 

Beth Lewis

 Beth makes balloon sculptures!

Charles Paul Wilson III

Charles Paul Wilson III is the illustrator and co-creator of The New York Times Best-Selling Graphic Novel The Stuff of
Legend, published by Th3rd World Studios, as well as the illustrator for Joe Hill's graphic novel WRAITH for IDW.

His drawings can also be found in the pages and on the covers of BOOM! Studios, Archaia, Image, DC and Marvel

Charles attended The John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana and graduated from The Joe Kubert School of
Cartoon and Graphic Art where he was awarded The Norman Mauer Scholarship for his work as a first-year student. In
2010 he was nominated for The Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award for his work on The Stuff of Legend.

Dave Sharpe

Dave Sharpe discovered comics at a young age, and after reading the Micronauts (and many other titles), Dave knew he had to have a career in comics. Upon graduating the Joe Kubert school in 1990, he went to work at Marvel comics as an in-house, letterer. Over the years Dave has lettered thousands of Marvel comics such as Spider-Girl, Exiles, She-Hulk and The Defenders, and in the late 90's early 00's help run the lettering department at Marvel. As of 2009 Dave has been lettering for DC on a number of titles such as Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Sinestro and Batgirl. Dave also letters X-O and Faith for Valiant comics and Revisionist and Blood Blister for Aftershock comics.  As well as lettering, he has also done artwork for many trading card sets, and some pin ups for various independent comics. Dave also plays bass for Harrisburg based band DEAD COWBOY, is happily married with 2 kids,  and is way more approachable than he looks. :D \m/

Dee Dee Salazar

I am a Richmond Virginia based artist and toy collector. Catch me at all your Comic Cons on the east coast this summer!

Michael A. DiBaggio

Author Michael A. DiBaggio and artist/author Shell “Presto” DiBaggio are the creators of the Ascension Epoch: original tales of heroic adventure set in a fantastic world based on the greatest fiction of the 19th century and the Golden Age of Comic Books.
            Whether you prefer action, urban fantasy, science fiction, or superheroes, the Ascension Epoch has something to offer. Each illustrated novel and short story is packed with exciting adventures, engaging original characters, and favorites from the classics of yesterday.
            The husband-and-wife team hail from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. You can check out to learn more about them and their books.

Jarrod Dodson

J. Lee Dodson is an author from Williamsport Pa and has a passion for the horror genre and comics. His passion for writing and horror can be currently read In his first book The Evil Klown Survival Guide: Preparing for a TERRORKLOWNS invasion, which is out now on Amazon. He is published by Grimlock Press. 


I'm an illustrator with 20 years experience with multiple mediums under the name Darkstream Studios as well as the webcomic creator of Coffee and Beefsticks

Jason Lenox

Jason Lenox is an illustrator who specializes in penciling, India ink rendering, and sequential artwork.

His current project is the epic sci-fi/fantasy adventure comic Lords of the Cosmos, the first issue of which is scheduled for publication in the fall of 2016, under the UGLI Studios imprint.  

Jason has an extensive print and poster library, and he can often be seen on the national comic convention circuit interacting with his fans and sharing his artwork. He is in high demand for his commissioned pieces, and also does freelance artwork. 

Jess Eppley (2).png

Jess Eppley

Journey to the world of Aryth, where myth and lore roam free. Join up with 14 year old Keavy, the Ruby Child of Prophecy destined to battle the Danaan witches. Banished from the holy world of Siavon to the four realms of Aryth, the Danaan will stop at nothing to take over Aryth and return to Siavon. In order to stop the collapse of the known world, Keavy must travel through treacherous landscapes filled with fantastical creatures both wonderous and dangerous to find and defeat the Danaan. Won't you join her?

Jessica Eppley lives in Wrightsville, PA where she works as an exterminator when she isn't writing. She has an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts from Penn State and a Bachelor’s in English from UMUC. Though known for her fantasy series, Jess also enjoys writing in other genres such as horror, science-fiction, adventure and drama.

Kevin Coolidge

Kevin Coolidge is the creator of the children's series, The Totally Ninja Raccoons. The series is specifically geared towards reluctant readers from 2nd to 4th grade. The first book in the series, The Totally Ninja Raccoons Meet Bigfoot has recently earned Story Monster approval. 



Greg LaRocque

Greg LaRocque began his comics career at DC Comics and his first published work was the story "That Which Conquers All" in Mystery in Space #115 (Jan. 1981). This was followed by a series of OMAC back-up stories in The Warlord #42-47 (Feb. 1981-July 1981). His first work for Marvel Comics appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist #73 (Sept. 1981).[3] He drew several issues of Marvel Team-Up including the last issue of the series.[4] He and writer Louise Simonson then launched a new Spider-Man title, Web of Spider-Man, in April 1985.[5] After returning to DC Comics, LaRocque became prominent for his work illustrating the Legion of Super-Heroes.  
He drew The Flash with writer William Messner-Loebs from issue #15 (Aug. 1988) through #79 (Aug. 1993). A career highlight was redesigning the Flash's costume to its current incarnation.[2]
Exiled Studio released LaRocque's creator owned material in the three-issue mini-series The Exiled, followed by CryBaby, Exiled Studio's first color comic book. The CryBaby story arc was concluded in the 80-page graphic novel Extinction. LaRocque's The Dreaming graphic novel was published by Exiled Studio in 2009.[7]

Lynn Alexander

Born and raised in a small town Western Pennsylvania, Lynn Alexander developed a passion for drawing at a young age.  She graduated high school in 2014.  She began studies at her local community college before enrolling in Dorian’s Fantasy Art Program at Douglas Education Center in Monessen, PA, in 2016.  In four months, she finished Dorian’s Fantasy Art Program, gaining experience in painting, air brushing, and digital design.  She finds inspiration in many things including animals, Greek mythology, and the human figure.  Her art ranges from out-of-this world paintings to digital likenesses of Gods and people to fan art, as well as the occasional painting of her loveable dog, Bruce.  Check out her website at and her Facebook page, Lynn Alexander Designs.


Phil Mertz

  I mainly paint original portraits inspired by movie, television, and pop culture characters. I've vended at well over a dozen horror movie comic conventions. I'm always open for personal requests at reasonable prices. I'm a strong believer in accessible art. 

Nerdy Cute

We're Fred and Lena. With our sister powers combined, we become NerdyCute, designers and makers original cute, nerdy goodies inspired by science, fandom, and kawaii. We make stickers, stationery, cards, planner stickers, jewelry, charms, and other accessories. We <3 weird animals, comics, and science! Fred draws sloths and dinosaurs and Lena is obsessed with toast

Chris Ring

Chris is known for his creator owned comic, Carbon Knight along with his work on PMK's books "The Perfect Victim" , "Nevermore" A collection of Edgar Allan Poe Stories, and
The James Bond Literary dossier, "The Other Woman" pin-up book & CD. Outside of comics, Chris has also had a long career as graphic artist & commercial illustrator.

Rob Robbins

A freelance artist and recent Kubert School graduate who’s worked for Dynamite Entertainment on Boo: The World’s Cutest Dog. He currently works to develop his own creator-owned stories. Also, he likes fighting games and RPG’s, but is mostly bad at them.


Darren Auck

Darren Auck is a shaved down Bigfoot who writes and draws comics.  He also teaches at The Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts in Dover, NJ and builds Halloween props. 
Darren is best known as a Marvel Comics Art Director and penciler on REN & STIMPY, ROCKO’S MODERN LIFE, SHE-HULK  and other titles. He is currently working on his graphic novels, JERSEY DEVIL VS. BIGFOOT, UNCLE SAMSON AND SON and commissions for fans.
Visit his table and enjoy the weirdness!


 A union set of the artist (Orange) and writer (Glad) of Celestial Wheel. We’re grad students by day but artists by night! Follow and bookmark us @Orangeweglad (Twitter) and

Thom Pratt

Thom Pratt (aka Kneon Transitt) has been working on comics for over twenty years, and Disney comics for over ten. Most recently his work has been seen in the on the covers of IDW’s Uncle Scrooge comics and as a colorist and restorationist on various volumes of the Eisner-nominated Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck: The Don Rosa Library from Fantagraphics. He also has dozens of credits on various Disney titles under Gemstone Publishing.
Besides doing Disney comics, Thom is the co-host of one of the top 10 Disney fan podcasts called Pirates and Princesses, as well as a pop culture podcast called Clownfish Radio, along with his wife, Kambrea Pratt. In addition to Disney work, Thom is the artist and co-creator, again with his wife, of a popular independent steam-fantasy comic called Shadowbinders now in it’s sixth year, which has been featured in articles on BoingBoing, the Beat, i09, USA Today and the Associated Press.

Beau Schemery

Beau Schemery is a thrice published author of Young Adult novels for Harmony Ink Press. He has written The 7th of London, The Unlikely Hero, and The Last Blade; steampunk and satirical fantasy respectively with the sequel to 7th on the way, The 7th of Victorica. He is an accomplished performer and self-published comic creator.