Through the years the Genetti Hotel has been the site of thousands of banquets, balls, benefits, dinners, luncheons, conventions, concerts, and meetings for the civic, social, business, and political organizations of Williamsport and surrounding cities, as well as for state and national organizations. The Genetti has been the headquarters for the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, the Retail Merchants Association, Kiwanis, Lions, Advertising Club, the Community Trade Association, and Little League, the hotel has hosted luncheons and dinner meetings as well as special events for these organizations for decades. The Genetti Hotel, originally named the Lycoming Hotel, was built in 1921. The Genetti Hotel’s elegant atmosphere has attracted many notable guests. Among the hundreds of celebrity visitors and overnight guests included Gene Kelly, Clarence Darrow, Rita Hayworth, Carl Sandburg, Bob Dylan, and dozens of politicians including Robert F. Rich, John G. Snowden, Governor Edward Martin,Alvin Bush, Robert Kennedy and Tom Ridge. The hotel continues to provide a home away from home to politicians, athletes, scholars, authors and entertainers of all kinds.